Aug 17

Ellen Welcker at Mazama Festival

Posted at 12:00 on Aug 17th
By Duncan Barlow

You can see the very talented Ellen Welcker at the following:

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Ellen Welcker

Apr 16


Posted at 12:00 on Apr 16th
By Dale Dixon

In the next week or so, all writers who submitted work to Astrophil Press should hear from us. We've been incredibly overworked lately and haven't responded as quickly as we wanted to. However, we are dedicated to reading every manuscript we received carefully. We know how much love writers put into their manuscripts and we want to make sure that love is matched with respect.

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Apr 2

Mark Tursi Interview!

Posted at 12:00 on Apr 2nd
By Dale Dixon

Matt Miller Interviews Mark Tursi.


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Mar 7

Book Sale and Submission Update

Posted at 12:00 on Mar 7th
By Dale Dixon

First, we want to let all writers who have submitted to Astrophil Press that we are still reading through manuscripts. Please be patient with us; you will hear from us.

We are putting our last release on sale to celebrate the coming of spring! There is nothing better than reading a good book on a fine spring day. You can now get this wonderful collection for 10.00!!!

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Book Sale and Submissions

Nov 30


Posted at 12:00 on Nov 30th
By Dale Dixon

Good evening, Gentle readers,

DOWNSTREAM FROM TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA is now available for purchase as an ebook. If you've been waiting for a good way to check out this up-close look at Richard Brautigan's life and his influences, you can now do so for a very low price on Amazon (and soon all other online distributors).

We will be closing our reading period soon. We'd like to thank all the wonderful writers who have sent us their manuscripts. We will be in touch after the first of the year with details for all of you. We are enjoying the reads so far!

As you roll into the holiday season, please consider gifting one of our fine titles to your loved ones. Books make the best gifts.

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ebooks | submissions | holidays

Nov 6


Posted at 12:00 on Nov 6th
By Duncan Barlow

Thanks to spam bots attacking our contact page, we are now closing our contacts page. If you need someone, please type their first name and our web address and it will get to them.

Also, Mark Tursi's book is available for ordering and available through our distributor (also amazon). If you want a review copy, please contact Dale and provide a link to your website/blog/print journal and he will make sure a copy is delivered to you.

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SPAM | Mark Tursi

Aug 30

Brutal Synecdoche by Mark Tursi now available for pre-order

Posted at 12:00 on Aug 30th
By Dale Dixon

We have more great news: Mark Tursi's book of poetry is now available for pre-order!

This collections of poems challenges the static genre conventions of poetry and prose.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we do!


one book plus shipping $15.00 USD
two books plus shipping $29.00 USD
three books plus shipping $41.00 USD

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Mark Tursi

Aug 29

Reading Period Now Open

Posted at 12:00 on Aug 29th
By Duncan Barlow

We've opened our manuscript submission page for all of you who have been writing with inquiries about submission guidelines. We were originally going to close the submissions at the start of November, but have decided to leave it open until the end of November.

We operated our press for the first four years using only money from our own pockets. It was our hope that we would never have to have a reading fee; however, as the state of the publishing industry changes, it seems that small presses such as Astrophil Press are having to turn to reading fees as a matter of survival. The sad reality is that presses receive far more submission inquiries than they sell books. The bigger a press becomes, the more people want to submit their manuscript. Longstanding presses often have to hire people to read through the "slush" pile.

Sadly, many people submit blindly, having never purchased a book from the press to which they are submitting. The good news is that a reading fee drastically cuts down on the amount of manuscripts a press receives...
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Open Reading Period

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