All photography provided by Vincent Comparetto

Astrophil Press was founded in 2008. We are dedicated to publishing innovative literary work. We publish work that is fertile in imagination and mind—literary art that many major presses and independent presses overlook. Astrophil is interested in writing that grows out of an understanding of its lineage and seeks to work out of that lineage by actively breaking boundaries.

What we publish:

Fiction: Astrophil Press publishes fiction that defies genre, but does not ignore it. It is work that is at once playful but striking.

Poetry: Astrophil Press focuses on poetry that tells a story either through image or sound. Poetry that does not try to disrupt, but teaches its readers how to read and participate in its journey.

Critical: Astrophil Press is interested in Literary Criticism that focuses on contemporary authors or authors who have been overlooked by popular trends of the past and present.

Although there are three genres listed, we will not limit ourselves to genre. Astrophil Press is interested in dialogic work that defies boundaries and redefines writing.

duncan b. barlow, Publisher
Grant Riedel, Assistant Managing Editor
Juliet Clark, Publicity Intern

Advisory Board:

Matt Bell
Lee Ann Roripaugh
Eleni Sikelianos