Astrophil Press is a literary publisher dedicated to innovative literary work. We publish work that is fertile in imagination and mind—literary art that many major presses and independent presses overlook. Astrophil is interested in innovative writing that grows out of an understanding of its lineage and seeks to work out of that lineage while actively breaking boundaries.

What we publish:

Fiction: Astrophil Press publishes fiction that defies genre, but does not ignore it. It is work that is at once playful but striking.

Poetry: Astrophil Press focuses on poetry that tells a story either through image or sound. Poetry that does not try to disrupt, but teaches its readers how to read and participate in its journey.

Critical: Astrophil Press is interested in Literary Criticism that focuses on contemporary authors or authors who have been overlooked by popular trends of the past and present.

Although there are three genres listed, we will not limit ourselves to genre. Astrophil Press is interested in dialogic work that defies boundaries and redefines writing.

How to submit:

NOTE: Submissions will open in January of 2016. We won't be entertaining submissions until our reading period. If you send us work. It, sadly, will be deleted unread. We appreciate your understanding. 

We are a small literary press and depend on reader support. Though we read appropriate submissions from anyone, we highly suggest that you read some of our books to familiarize yourself with the work we publish. You can check out our books here. If your submission does not fit in the scope of what we publish (i.e. you submit a cook book, young adult novel, or a fantasy novel) you work will be deleted without comment. 

We do not accept manuscripts through the post. We only read manuscripts submitted through our online submission manager. Click here to submit.

We have a very small staff at Astrophil Press. Average turn around on reading submissions can range from 1 month to 5 months depending on the time of year and the amount of submissions we receive. Please understand that we read all appropriate submissions with care.

Don't have a full collection or book finished but you feel like submitting work? Consider our good friends at South Dakota Review. South Dakota Review reads submissions from September through May.